Varsity Scrimmages

The Varsity team will scrimmage Concord-Carlisle at the Brookside field on Thursday, March 28 at 3:30PM.  A second Varsity scrimmage will take place against the Greater Lowell Vocational School on Saturday, March 30 at 11AM.

For the Thursday scrimmage, the following Varsity players should be on the field by 2:30PM for pre-game hitting and defensive work.

  • Barbosa
  • Curtis
  • DeVincent
  • Gacek
  • Halamoutos
  • Hayward
  • Kerrigan
  • McElhinney
  • McKenna
  • Mellonakos
  • Murray
  • Ryan
  • Seidl
  • Shaw
  • Zabbo

All other players should be ready for practice with Coach Welch at the Jr. High field for 2:20.

Coach Saucier

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